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10 things you can buy for $150+ on Amazon — including designer earrings and jewelry!

10 things you can buy for $150+ on Amazon — including designer earrings and jewelry!

by Business Insider’s Daniella Sacco on August 31, 2018 09:30:10In the months before the 2017 election, Donald Trump won over many women voters with his promise to make women feel more powerful.

He promised to “make women feel good.”

He talked about “grabbing them by the pussy” and making them “babe.”

He won the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes.

But the American people weren’t going to be swayed by the man they had elected to president.

In 2018, Hillary Clinton was reelected, despite losing the popular-vote race to Trump by nearly 6 million votes — more than half the popular votes of any other candidate.

While many of the popular narratives of women voting for Trump in the 2016 election have been debunked, a growing number of women are beginning to see the election results as an opportunity to reclaim their lives and careers.

Many women are taking to social media to share their thoughts on the election and their concerns.

Here are 10 things women can do to support the women who voted for Donald Trump in 2016.1.

Make sure your inbox and other digital services are updated to reflect the election result.

While the outcome of the election may not change the way you shop or use your online services, making sure you check your inbox, text messages, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media accounts regularly can make a huge difference.2.

Don’t forget to check out your credit cards, as well.

If you are an employer, check your credit reports for any outstanding balances.

If your employer doesn’t have an active credit card, consider changing your primary account to a high-interest, no-fee one, and calling the company to cancel the balance.3.

If the election is close, and you feel a need to shop, you can use this article from The Huffington Post to learn more about the different types of stores that sold out or were closed during the election.4.

If something feels wrong with your credit score, check out this article about how to reduce your credit limit in your bank account.5.

Be ready to walk into stores.

You can learn more at this article on the National Association of Credit Unions.6.

If all else fails, ask for a loan.

Many banks offer low interest loans to people who need help paying bills.

You may also want to check with your lender to see if they offer any low-interest loan programs.7.

If an online shopping spree seems too good to be true, think again.

It is important to look at all the information on the website of your credit card company to make sure it is accurate and complete.

This is why it is important for you to check the website every time you shop.8.

Make a donation to charity.

There are several ways you can make your donations deductible on your taxes.

For example, if you made $100 a month and donated $1,000 to charity, your total charitable contribution would be $1.7 million.

If that is not enough, you could also make donations to charities that need your help, such as Planned Parenthood.9.

Check out a website or website app.

There is a wide range of websites and apps to help you with financial planning.

For instance, one app that has become very popular among women is Wealthfront, which allows you to see your financial status and expenses in a spreadsheet.

Some of these apps are free, but others cost money.10.

Try some free and discounted apps.

If nothing else seems to be working, consider checking out these free and low-cost financial apps:1.

Bankrate.com: $10.95 a month.2: MoneySavers.com.

Free.3: SaveMoneyNow.com Free.4: Investing.com for Women.

Free or low-priced.5: CreditCards.com, free.6: Bank of America.

Free with a credit card.7: The NerdWallet app.

Free for users who have a credit or debit card.8: Investopia.com free.9: Wealthfront.com/Free.10: Credit Karma.

Free, with a referral to Wealthfront for $0.25 a month for five credit card purchases.

If you are a woman and want to see what other women are doing to support each other during this difficult time, we have a list of resources below.1- Call your congressional representative.2- Call the president.3- Call anyone you feel is supportive of women in politics.4- Tweet at @TheDemocrats and @TheGOP, or send an email to CongresswomanMaddow.

They can use your Twitter handles, but they are limited to 140 characters per tweet.5- Get out there and help your fellow Americans.

Women have been doing this since the dawn of time.

There will be no turning back.

You are our voice.

We will continue to rise up as women.

We are strong and

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