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Cara Mia Mia’s ‘Cara Mia’ Bra

Cara Mae has been teasing us with her latest bra for a while now, and now the company is bringing her newest one to the masses.

The bra, called Cara Mia, is called the “Cara Mia” bra and features a removable cup.

According to the company, it features a “soft, silky feel that is comfortable and provides a seamless fit.”

Cara Mae told The Huffington Post that it came about after she was frustrated by the amount of work that goes into getting a bra fitting.

She also noted that she and her boyfriend had been in a relationship for a year and a half and that she had a “long road ahead” of her.

“So we knew we wanted to take the next step and get something that we thought would be comfortable for us,” she told HuffPost.

“It feels good to be able to give my boyfriend more freedom to express himself,” Cara said.

“I wanted something that he could wear in the house without having to worry about the shape of his underwear.”

The bra comes in three styles, and the company says the three styles come in “the classic, padded, and soft.”

The cushioned and lace styles are available in a “classic,” “peacock,” and “floating” colorway.

The cushions are made from polyester and are made of nylon, and are the most comfortable in terms of comfort.

The lace options are made out of nylon and are a little more “wet.”

The firmness of the bra is rated at 90-90-90, and Cara claims that it will keep her comfortable for up to six hours.

Cara said that she’s been trying out bras on other women for years, but she never felt comfortable with the size and fit of the bras she was wearing.

“This is the first time I’ve been able to wear the bra that feels comfortable and doesn’t feel like a waste of space,” she said.

The Cara Mias can be ordered through the company’s website and via the company app.

You can also order through the CaraMia website and the Caras app.

The company also offers other bra styles for women with smaller breasts like bra sizes 0-16, though you’ll need to buy a size 16 to get the cups that fit them.

The company has yet to release pricing for the Cara Mi’s other bra, the bra it’s calling the “Taco Bell Bra.”

However, it does suggest that it’ll be “available for a limited time” and will come in sizes “Medium,” “Medium-Large,” and the “Luxurious” bras.

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