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How to get your burn bra removed in under 24 hours

How to get your burn bra removed in under 24 hours

How to remove your burn bras from your bra store. 

This bra was on sale for $39.99 at Binder Bra and had $12.99 shipping included. 

If you purchased the bra in the store you would have to pay $10.50 shipping. 

The store was located in the Binder department and had a few items that were not in stock, but were available in the online store.

Here are the bra instructions: Remove the band from the cup and slide the cup back down to reveal the bra straps. 

You can remove the straps using a pair of scissors or a bra scraper. 

Place the bra strap in the bra cup using the bra hook. 

Pull the bra through the cups until you see the band. 

Piece the band around the cup. 

Remove both bra hooks and the bra hooks will come off. 

Reattach the bra using a band hanger. 

Take the bra out of the bra store, turn off your light and put on your new bra. 

Turn off your oven, and let the bra dry for 24 hours before wearing. 

To make your bra last longer, keep the bra and hooks in a sealed container. 

I tried this method and it worked. 

However, I have seen a few bras that can last longer with less care, so I would recommend wearing the bra on a daily basis. 

Binder Bra is not the only bra store that sells burn bras. 

For more burn bras, try these: Bender Bra , Beverly Beauty, Beauty Bar, Bloomsbury, Glamour Bikini, Kink, Roni’s, Shark Tank, Vintage Clothing, Sophie’s and Gorgeous Bras.

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