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How to knit a scarf and braid your favourite Disney princesses

How to knit a scarf and braid your favourite Disney princesses

The Disney Princesses of all shapes and sizes have been featured in knitting tutorials on Ravelry, and now there’s a new twist: a new bra designed by a mother of three, Braid your own princess. 

The project, which you can see in the above video, involves braiding your favourite princesses with an old-fashioned handkerchief.

“It is an old fashioned braided, braidy braided braid,” said Rebecca, 26, of Chelmsford, England, who has been knitting with her boyfriend since she was a teenager.

“I like it because it makes it easy to do things and it’s a bit more stylish,” she added.

“There’s lots of different colours of yarn and there’s different kinds of stitches and colours.”

The new project is not just for the Disney princess’ fans, however.

Braid them all, and the end result will be an extra-cute accessory for all your princess-inspired projects.

“For me, it’s so much fun,” said Emma, 27, of London, who is also the creator of the new braid video.

“Especially when I’m in the middle of making a costume, I always try to do my best to make it look like my favourite princess.”

And then when I put it on I get butterflies in my stomach,” she said.

But I’m also happy for my little ones because they can enjoy it too.””

I just love the idea of a new bangle for my princesses,” said Mr Taylor, 31, who recently got engaged to his girlfriend.

“But I’m also happy for my little ones because they can enjoy it too.”

The video is not the only braid you’ll see from Rebecca.

In fact, there’s so many new ones in the works that it may take you a while to find your perfect fit.

But the pair says they’ve found a special braid that fits every princess and is the perfect size for the older versions of their creations. 

“We found a princess who’s in her teens that we wanted to knit her braid for her birthday, and then we went to her shop to get a few other princesses as a birthday present,” said Ms Taylor.

“And we love the braid we made for her.” 

“The one we made was perfect for her, but she has a princess hat and the bangle is perfect for that.”

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