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How to make a bra and how to get a skirt bra in bra styles

How to make a bra and how to get a skirt bra in bra styles

In a previous post we covered how to make bra bra styles for girls in their early teens, as well as how to crochet braid bra styles to give them the best shape.

Now we’re going to show you how to give the most flattering shape to the bust, by making the bra skirt. 

Now this tutorial is for the Crochet Braid style, which is very popular in the UK, and is a very good choice for women in their teens and twenties.

It’s made with two strands of yarn, which are spun together.

When they come together, they form a ball and you can then tie it into a bra.

The length of the bra can be tailored depending on how big you want the bust to be.

This bra will give you the best bust shape, which we’re all so obsessed with, so this tutorial will help you get the most out of it.1.

Start with a clean, dry surface, and sew the fabric together. 


Take your yarn and weave in the ends, forming a loop. 


Take another yarn and tie it in the middle, forming an oblong shape. 


Take a yarn and draw it through the middle of the oblong section, creating a loop on the other side. 


Repeat for the other oblong side.

This will create a loop to the next piece of yarn. 


Pull the loops together, creating the elastic. 


Pull out the loops and place them inside the fabric. 


Now take your other yarn and fold it in half, making a loop through the top half. 


Place the other half inside the obliques loop, forming the bra band. 


Place a piece of fabric under the elastic to form the straps. 


Take the elastic, and pull it out of the fabric, leaving a large hole in the centre of the strap. 


Use a hook to attach the elastic in the holes and around the strap, using a piece the size of a tennis ball to hold it in place. 


You’re ready to make your bra skirt! 


Cut your fabric, and tie the two ends together.


Tie a loop of yarn around the inside of the front part of the elastic and the other loop around the outside of the same elastic, creating an oblique loop.


Cut the elastic into a wide circle, using the same method you used to make the bra braid.


Pull both loops through the elastic inside the braid, forming loops.


Take one of the loops out, and take the other end of the line and tie in. 

You can now place the bra strap inside the elastic loop.

I like to do this with a bit of thread, as it will make the skirt stretch more than if you just used a loop and no elastic.

Now you’re ready for your bra to go! 

I think you’ll find it’s much easier to do the bra with your hands than you think, but remember that you can still do it the old-fashioned way with a crochet hook.

You can then stitch the straps together with your fingers, then fold it all in half and tie. 

How to make this bra skirt: 1.

Start by creating a circular hole in your backside, so you can make the hole wider and wider. 

When you’ve made this hole, draw your yarn through it and then tie a knot around the front of the bangle. 

Next, you’ll sew it closed using a thread to secure the knot in place, and you’ll now have the elastic bangle that you’ll make in the next step.2.

The bra will have a small hole, like you see in the picture above. 

Attach it to the elastic by weaving the loops through. 

The strap will stretch in the elastic as you stitch it in, so the fabric needs to be soft enough to stretch around the bangles curve. 

If you’re having trouble, you can take your time to find a soft elastic that you like, or you can try some of the more colourful fabrics that are available.

Now that you have your bra bangle, it’s time to take it to a local shop.

You’ll need to have the following items: 1) The bra banger, a pair of scissors, scissors, a sewing machine and a fabric glue. 

For the bra, I’m using the Crocheted Braid bra from  The Little Box of Lashes , and it’s £3.99 (or £3 at the moment). 

For more fun, you could use a bra binder, or make a skirt using Curls, the Bedding Bra from Gillian O’Donovan’s Glamour Girl collection, or the Braid from 

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