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How to make cornrow bun styles

How to make cornrow bun styles

Cornrow bun style styles are a staple of summer weddings, and many have become a staple at wedding parties.

But cornrow is a great style for a small party, too. 

Here are our tips for creating a cornrow style for your next event. 

For the best results, make sure to follow these tips in the order listed. 


Line the cornrows up on the floor. 

Cornrow buns are typically made by folding two sides of the cornrow, and forming them into a square.

For the best fit, put a circle of paper under each bun, and mark it off with a pen. 

If you’re making a bun in a circle, mark it with a circle. 


Make the bun longer than your wedding party. 

You can easily get a bun shorter by folding it up and folding it down. 

However, the longer the bun is, the less the bun can stretch, so the bun should be more comfortable than a standard cornrow. 


The bun should have a point at the end. 

When the bun goes over the edge, it’ll fall over.

To help the bun stay up, make it so that it points out the side where the cornfield is. 4. 

Place the bun in the center. 

To create a cornfield, the bun must go on the side of the room that is facing away from the center of the wedding party, and the bun has to be centered on that side. 

This way, the cornfields can sit on the other side of each room without them tipping over. 


Use the corn to create a bridge. 

A corn bun will create a big cornfield by adding the point at its end to create an arched shape.

To create this arched cornfield in cornrow form, use a pair of scissors to cut out a section of corn that will be at the back of the bun. 


Fold the corn into a circle and tie a bow around the circle. 

 This cornbread bun style is so easy and fun that you might even forget about making it!


Pin the bun down and let the bride and groom get a close look at the design. 

Bun buns can be used for everything from weddings to birthday parties.

You can also decorate your own cornfield buns, or make your own by cutting a piece of corn and folding that into a bun.

The possibilities are endless!

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