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How to make your own crown bordeaux bra

How to make your own crown bordeaux bra

The world’s most expensive crown bordure has been made by a British fashion designer.

The new piece, the £2,500 crown bale, is the first of its kind in the UK, and is made with a blend of silks, cotton, and cotton-wool, and also has a special silk lining, according to the BBC.

The bra is the culmination of more than a decade of hard work by the designer, who has previously made bralettes, petticoats and even a bikini bra.

It’s a bold statement from the designer who previously described herself as a “dazzling dresser” and “a feminist warrior”, and is now working to bring about change for the fairer sex.

The dress was first made by Sarah Brown, the head of the fashion house Posh, and was completed in October, before being unveiled by designer Emma Stetson at a show in London in November.

The designer was invited to the show by Stetsons daughter, Sarah, who said the braid is a “symbol of the power of women and the power that we have to transform the world”.

“It’s the first time in history that a woman has made a dress from silks and cotton and it was made with love,” Stetsson told the BBC at the time.

“It was very inspiring.”

The dress has been a smash hit in the market, and the designers claim to have sold over two million pairs.

The crown bottega was designed by Sarah and Emma Stetons daughter Sarah Brown.

Sarah Brown’s mother Sarah Brown designed the bra, and her father, Emma, is a designer of the brand.

The brand has sold over 2 million bordures.

The braid’s silks are sourced from a British silk factory in Hampshire, with a special silks lining added to the fabric.

The design is simple and modern with a classic French style, with lace and pettices, and a floral floral motif.

It is made from 100% silk, with the exception of the lace on the neckline, which is made of cotton.

The bra is lined in satin, with some buttons on the front and back, as well as a lace panel at the back.

Sarah Brown has worked on a number of couture collections in the past, and said the crown batais a “very bold statement”, and that it has brought about “huge change”.

“I think it’s a symbol of the strength of the women who have worked to bring this about,” she told the news website.

“I’m not just a dresser.

I’m a woman who has had to fight for a very long time to be able to do this.”

The crown was first unveiled at a fashion show in February.

Sarah and her mother Sarah were also present.

The fashion house is the main producer of the bordes, which are often described as the “most expensive luxury garment on earth”.

The new style was first shown off at the 2014 Dior Show in Milan, and has been hugely popular with the media, with The Sun and other major publications naming the new dress the most expensive dress in the world in 2013.

The price of a crown bangle is around £2.6m.

The company has a range of other styles for the market as well, including a range made from cotton-blend linen, silk-blending silk, and silk-woven linen.

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