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What’s next for the bra company?

What’s next for the bra company?

Italia 1 – Gabriella D’Urso looks set to sign for the company’s next project, with the company hoping to release a new bra in 2019. 

“We have several projects lined up that we would like to announce.

The first is to continue our partnership with the world famous Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana.

Gabrielli is an iconic brand that has been a staple of Italian fashion for over 70 years, and we are excited to see how the Dolce team’s commitment to quality, comfort and style will translate to Gabriello,” Gabriellas new CEO Gabrizzi Di Marzio said in a statement.

“The Dolce brand is renowned for their work in the area of women’s fashion, and our collaboration with Gabrielle will help to elevate their image and enhance the quality of their products.

We look forward to sharing the next exciting product with our fans and clients.” 

Gabriella’s first bra project was the Boudoir bra, a modern silhouette that went on to be worn by fashion icons including Brigitte Bardot, Anna Wintour and Isabelle Adjani. 

The brand also produced a range of bras for women, including the Brava Boudier (pictured above) and the Béroni, which became the go-to bra for women in the US. 

In the meantime, the company has been focusing on women’s lingerie for the past decade, with a range including the Céline Bra, which debuted in the fall of 2019.

“Gabrielli has been the first brand to introduce a new range of products for women for the last 10 years.

The CéLINE Bra has become a symbol of the modern feminist movement and the feminist empowerment movement, which is at the forefront of our brand,” Gabriella CEO Giuseppe Di Marzo said in the statement. 

 The new Dolce collaboration will include a range, which will include the Dolci D’Abba (pictured below) in red and black. 

Gabriella’s new line will also be launching a new line of products in the mid-2020s, including a line of Glamour lingerie, which features the first Glamorous bra in the Dolco brand. 

According to the statement, Gabriela will also launch a line in 2019 featuring Glamorise. 

A brand spokesperson told Football Italian: “Gabriello has always been committed to bringing the best of Italian and international women’s beauty to the world, and the Dolcis brand is just one example of our commitment. 

With Gabrilla, we’re hoping to create a brand that can create new and exciting products with a focus on women, while remaining faithful to Dolce. 

Gigi is very proud of the Dolces recent accomplishments and looks forward to continuing to work with the Dolccia family.”

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