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When are you going to wear a braid? – TalkSport

When are you going to wear a braid? – TalkSport

Braid is a fashion accessory that is traditionally worn by the upper class, as a symbol of social standing.

The idea behind braid is to have your hairstyle appear to be a part of your own individuality. 

But is braid really the best thing for women?

This question has been debated for decades, with a plethora of arguments for and against braid.

One of the most prominent arguments is that it is not for women who want to be independent of men. 

“I’ve always felt that braid can be very boring for women because it is a thing that is expected of them,” says Dr. Mary, a professor of English and Africana Studies at Rutgers University.

“If you want to wear it you have to be able to show it.

If you want it to be your own, it has to be yours.”

Dr. Maria, a teacher and braid aficionado from the Dominican Republic, agrees.

“Women should not wear braid,” she says.

“I think the women who wear it, the ones who don’t feel like they have a choice, they have to wear britches.”

Maria says that when she started wearing braid, she felt uncomfortable.

“But I have no regrets, because I am confident that I have a beautiful, beautiful hair and I have never looked better,” she adds.

“The way I look in britched hair has never changed.

The way I am looking in braid has not changed.

That’s the beauty of braid.”

Dr Mary agrees, “It is not a choice.

I have always been very conscious of the fact that my hair is what I am, and I know that I can do what I want with it.” 

“The more I wear barm, the more I look like a woman, the less I feel like a man,” says Maria.

The main thing to remember about braid in the Dominican is that britch is not the same thing as a bra.

“It does not mean you are wearing bra, it just means you have a little bit more shape and a little more volume,” says Dr. Maria.

“There is no bra, and there is no braid so that is all it means.” 

As a final piece of advice, Maria says, if you are unsure if you want braid to become part of you, try wearing a dress.

“You don’t have to worry about it.

You just have to know that you have that choice,” she explains.

“In my mind, it is my choice to be braid or not to be. 

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