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Why do women buy and wear bras more than men?

Why do women buy and wear bras more than men?

A new study has found that women are spending more money on bras and the types of lingerie they buy than men, with the average size of a bra costing an average of $32 compared to the average of about $25 for men.

The study, by research firm BrandIQ, examined the prices of lingeries on the internet and found that bras are also popular items.

“Bras are the most popular lingerie items, as they have been for many years,” the research firm said in a statement.

“The more bras we have on the market, the more they are expected to cost.”

Bras have been a staple in the women’s clothing industry for centuries, with many brands such as J Crew, Forever 21 and Uniqlo offering bra styles for as little as $10.

“This is a trend that continues, but more women are purchasing bras and women are also opting for different sizes, shapes and styles,” BrandIQ’s co-founder, Emma Burch, said in the statement.

The findings come after the International Business Times reported that US-based lingerie brand Bravissimo had announced a new line of bras.

Bra bands are the smallest sizes that can be fitted into bras and can be purchased for under $10 each.

The company also offers a range of different styles, including “flats” and “hooks” for more expensive bras.

While the average price for a bra is just under $30, women have been buying bras more frequently in recent years, as the recession has forced some brands to slash prices and demand for bras is on the rise.

However, this trend is now being seen in other countries.

For example, US-owned lingerie retailer Dora is planning to open a lingerie store in Taiwan next year, but it has not revealed what its size ranges will be.

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